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"Here you will find a list of some of Notable Kakazai Pashtuns. We have done our super best to verify each and every profile with the information available on the internet as well as provided to us directly. The sole...
Kakazai Afghan Pashtuns in Punjab - Eleven 300-400 years old documents "Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani" (a.k.a. "Hidayat Afghani - Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani") ہدایتِ افغانی - تاریخِ ککے زئی ترکانی کاکازئی افغان پنجاب میں - گیارہ تین، چار صد سالہ پرانی دستاویزات جن میں قومیّت کاکازئی...