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1پښتانه قبيلی وپېژنئ – ډاکټر لطيف ياد – خېبر وېب پاڼه– pp 86-89 & 261-262 & 310-312 (Pashto)

2تذکره – د پښتنو اصليت او د هغوئ تاريخ – ليکـوال: روشن خان , نرګس سيماب – pp ۲۱۲-۲۱۶ (Pashto)

3حداد فرهاد, ارواښاد قدرت الله (1 March 2013). “دهند په مغولي امپراتورۍ کې”. Sapi’s Center for Pashto Research & Development (Pashto).

4ښاد جبارخېل, ډاکټر قاضي.ح . (20 December 2008). “خپلواکي پوهنـــــــه -دپښتنو هجرتونه دلوى افغانستان دجوړېدلو لامل دى – ٣”. Sapi’s Center for Pashto Research & Development (Pashto).

5خوږياڼى, قتيل (26 August 2009). “کونړ د تاريخ په اوږدو کښې”. Sapi’s Center for Pashto Research & Development (Pashto).

6افغانستان, ټول (23 June 2013). “پښتانه څوک دی ؟ لمړۍ برخه”. ددي ويبپاڼي د مضامينو بيا نشرول چه مأخذ يی ټول افغانستان ياد شي مجاز دئ (Pashto).پښتا-نه-څوک-دي/

7Pashtana da Tarikh Pah Ranra Kshe – da 550 Q.M. nah da 1964 pore – سيد بهادرشاه ظفر کاکا خيل – پښتانه د تاريخ په رڼا کې – Tarkalanri Pashtuns mentioned on Page 1322-1323 – Pashto

8Ancestor Database :: Spelled as Kaka Zai | کاکازي under the offsprings of Mashar Mamond | مشر ماموند ::

9Family Tree of Qais Abdul Rashid :: Spelled as Kaka Zai under the offsprings of Kharashboon (Khair ud Din) ::


1“Tawareekh-e-Hafiz Rahmat Khani”تواریخ حافظ رحمت خانی (افغان قبایل اور ان کی تاریخ ) – by Pir Moazzam Shah rearranged with notes by ‘Roshan Khan’, Published by Pashto Academy, Peshawar University (1976), (Page 89-91 – Originally Published in 1624 AD) – (Urdu)

2“Tazkara” (also called “Tazkira-e-pathan”), تذکرہ: پٹھانوں کی اصلیّت اور اُن کی تاریخ – خان روشن خانTazkira – PathanoN Ki Asliyat Aur Un Ki Tareekh – by Khan Roshan Khan, pp 176-181 (Urdu).

(You can download the complete book from here.)
Author: Khan Roshan Khan
Pertinent Pages: 176 thru 181

Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 3
Read Page 180-181 in Urdu
Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 2
Read Page 178-179 in Urdu
Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 1
Read Page 176-177 in Urdu

3حیاتِ افغانی، محمد حیات خانHayat-e-Afghani – by Muhammad Hayat Khan – Published in 1867 – Tarkalani and Kakazai mentioned on Page 413-415 (Urdu)

4صولتِ افغانی، محمد زردار خانSaulat-i-Afghani – by Muhammad Zardar Khan – Published in 1876 – Tarkalani and Kakazai mentioned on Page 370-371 (Urdu)

5حیات و آثار حضرت میاں محمد عمر چمکنی – مقالہ ڈاکٹریٹ – محمد حنیف – اسلامیہ کالج پشاورHayat o Aasar e Hazrat MiaN Muhammad Umar Chamkani – PhD Thesis – Muhammad Hanif – Islamia College – Peshawar – Hanif, Mohammad (1980). “Life and Works of Hazrat Mian Mohammad Umar Chamkani”. University of Peshawar, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. pp. 404–405

6– Khawar, Farhad Ali (Writer, Research and Director) (3 June 2017). Peshawar – Cradle of Culture (Documentary) (in Urdu). Peshawar, Pakistan: Department of Tourism, Sports, Culture, Archeology and Youth Affairs, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Archived from the original (mp4) on 3 June 2017. Retrieved 5 June 2017.

7“Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” (a.k.a.”Hidayat Afghani-Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” – تاریخِ ککے زئی ترکانی المعروف ہدایتِ افغانی از ہدایت اللہ سوہدری، فینسی اسٹیم پریس. وزیرآباد ۱۹۳۳ء – (Originally Published May 1933 in Urdu)

Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani

(You can read some of the excerpts from this book here and here.)
Publisher: Malik Sirajuddin & Sons
Contact: Malik Abdul Rauf
Address: F/1982, Kashmiri Bazar, Post Box: 2250
City: Lahore
Country: Pakistan
Phone: (042) 7225809 / 7225812
Fax: (042) 7657490 / 7224586
Email: sirajco (at)


1“A Dictionary of the Pathan Tribes of the North West Frontier of India” published by The General Staff Army Headquarter, Calcutta, India – (Part I. North of the Kabul River, including all Mohmands, and tribes west of the Indus), published by The General Staff Army Headquarter, Calcutta, India -(Originally Published 1910) :: The Kakazai Pashtuns are mentioned on Page 22 (under ‘K’ -Kakazai), Page 12 (under ‘D’ -Daulat Khel – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans), Page 26 (under ‘K’ – Khulozai – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans), Page 29 (under ‘M’ -Maghdud Khel, Mahsud Khel and Mahmud Khel – sub-divisions of Kakazai Pathans), Page 47 (under ‘U’ – Umar Khel – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans) and Page 50 (under ‘Y’ -Yusaf Khel – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans)

(You can download the complete book from here
or excerpts from here.)

Kakazai Pathans - Page 22 from
Page 22
Daulat Khel - A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans - Page 12 from
Page 12
Maghdud Khel, Mahmud Khel and Mahsud Khel - Sub-divisions of Kakazai Pathans - Page 29 from
Page 29
Mamunds - (Clan of Tarkani / Tarklanri Tribe) - Kakazai Pathans - Page 30 from
Page 30
Tarkani / Tarklanri Tribe - Kakazai Pathans - Page 46 from
Page 46

2– “Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India – Volume One published by Government Mono Type Press, Simla, India. Volume One – (Originally Published 1907) :: Kakazai / Kakayzai Pathan Tribe is mentioned between Page 515-555
(You can download the complete book from here or excerpts from here.)

Kakazai Pashtuns / Pathans on Page 555 from "Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India" - Published 1907

Read Page 555 from “Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India” – Published 1907 :: Courtesy: The British Library ::

3“Military operations on the north-west frontiers of India, Papers regarding the British relations with the neighboring tribes of the north-west frontier of India, 1897-98”-Originally Published by Great Britain. India Office – 1898 (Page Number: 129)

4– Balfour, Edward (1885). The Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, Third Edition. Originally Published by Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom. p. 655. ISBN 978-1130149104.

5– Rasheed, Haroon (2002). History of the Pathans: The Sarabani Pathans, Vol 2. – by Haroon Rashid — Original from the University of Michigan. pp. 257–262. ASIN B00AJIRNNU.

6– Joshi, Rita (1985). The Afghan nobility and the Mughals: 1526-1707. Vikas Publ. House, New Delhi, India. p. 9. ISBN 978-0706927528.

7The Pathans 550 BC – AD 1957 – by Sir Olaf Caroe, (Page 184-185 – First published in 1958), Macmillan Company, Reprinted Oxford University Press, 2003

8– Aziz, Khursheed Kamal (2007). A Journey into the Past. Vanguard, Pakistan. p. 721. ISBN 978-9694024998.

9– Churchill, Winston S. (1897). The Story of the Malakand Field Force: An Episode of the Frontier War. Kessinger Publishing, LLC. p. 91. ISBN 978-1419184109.

10– Noelle, Christine (1997). State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan (1826-1863). Routledge. pp. 179–192. ISBN 978-0700706297.

11– A. H. McMahon and, A. D. G. Ramsay (1901). Report on the tribes of Dir, Swat, and Bajour together with the Utman-khel and Sam Ranizai. Saeed Book Bank, Pakistan. p. 9. ASIN B0006EF1OA.

12“Tarkanri”. Britannica. 21. United Kingdom: Encyclopædia Britannica: A New Survey of Universal Knowledge. 1952. p. 816. ASIN B004HZTLWW.

13“Tarkanri — Tribes, Castes and Communities”. Encyclopaedia of the World Muslims. 3. Global Vision Publishing House. 2001 [1952]. p. 1007. ISBN 9788187746072.

14– Wylly, Harold Carmichael (1912). From the Black Mountain to Waziristan. Macmillan Company, United Kingdom. p. 155. ASIN B0014IYPC6.

15– D. K. Behera (eds.), G. Pfeffer & (2002). The Pashtun Tribal System by Bernt Glatzer — Chapter 10 in: Concept of Tribal Society (Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies, Vol 5). Concept Publishers, New Delhi, India. pp. 265–282. ISBN 9788170229834.

16Family Tree of Qais Abdul Rashid :: Spelled as Kaka Zai under the offsprings of Kharashboon (Khair ud Din) ::

17– Centre, Pakistan Studies (1990). “Grassroots” p. 15-16. Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan: University of Sindh: 74.

18– Mehdi, Rubya (2002). Gender and Property Law in Pakistan: Resources and Discourses. Vanguard. p. 181. ISBN 9694023696.

19– Davies, Captain Henry (1892). Customary law of the Gujrat district. Civil and Military Gazette Press, British India. p. 2.

20“Report of the commissioners appointed by the Punjab sub-committee of the Indian national congress” – Indian National Congress. Punjab Subcommittee, K. Santanam, British India, 1920 (Page Number: 290, 291)

21The 1947 Partition: drawing the Indo-Pakistani boundary

22Lieutenant Zarar Ahmad Account of 1947 events in Gurdaspur

23– Ahmad, Imtiaz (1973). Caste and Social Stratification among the Muslims. Manohor Book Service, India. pp. 137, 148. ASIN B0043KE1TE.

24Dara Kakazai (Valley of Watelai or Mamund Valley), Federally Administered Tribal Area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan ::

25– Shah, Mahmood Ali (1994). Sardari, jirga & local government systems in Balochistan. Edara-e-Tadrees, Pakistan. pp. 9, 148. ASIN B0000CP59E.

26“Biographical Encyclopedia of Pakistan” – Biographical Research Institute, Pakistan, 1961 (Page Number: 550, 906)

27“The history of Lahore’s Kakayzais” – Majid Sheikh (Dawn, October 22, 2017)

28Dental morphology and haplotypic diversity in the major ethnic groups of Swat and Dir Districts – by Inamullah – PhD thesis – Department of Genetics – Hazara University – Mansehra 2018
DNA Pashtuns Samples Used: TARKLANIS, Yousafzai, Utmankheils and Kohistani


Eleven 300-400 years old documents stating Kakazai as an ethnicity – Page 107-121 from “Tareekh-e-Kakazai” (a.k.a. “Hidayat Afghani – Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” – Originally Published in 1933)


:: Dara Kakazai (Valley of Watlai), Federally Administered Tribal Area in NWFP province, Pakistan ::


:: Some Famous Kakazai Personalities ::

Presidents / Prime Ministers

  • Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Prime Minister, State of Ram Pur, Indo-Pak, 1901
  • Ghulam Mohammed, Governor General of Pakistan, 1951 – 1955

Judicial Officers / Judges

  • Ghulam Nabi Jalalabadi, Sub-Judge, Sialkot, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Faqir Ali, District Judge, Rohtak, Indo-Pak, 1901
  • Karim Bakhsh, Sub-Judge, Atari, Indo-Pak, 1906
  • Ali Muhammad, Senior Sub-Judge, Ferozepur, Indo-Pak, 1932
  • Ali Muhammad, Distrit Judge, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Munir, Chief Justice of Pakistan, 1954 – 1960
  • Ghayas Mohammad, Attorney General of Pakistan
  • Khurshid Ahmed, Minster of Law, Pakistan
  • Saad Saud Jaan, Judge, Supreme Court, Pakistan
  • Khalil-ur-Rahman, Judge, Lahore High Court, Pakistan
  • Mahboob Ahmad, Judge, Lahore High Court, Pakistan
  • Munir A. Sheikh, Judge, Lahore High Court, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Irshad Hassan, Judge, High Court, Pakistan
  • Aamir Raza Khan, Judge, High Court, Pakistan
  • Maqbool Ahmad, Session Judge, Pakistan
  • Malik Haji Allah Rakha, Honorary Magistrate, Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Malik Rahmatullah, Honorary Magistrate, Lahore, Pakistan

Attorneys / Advocates

  • Malik Barkat Ali, Advocate, High Court, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Niaz Muhammad Khan, Advocate, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Abul-Rahim, Advocate, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Bahadur Malik Hussain Khan, Advocate, High Court, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Jalal-ud-din Khan, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Abd-ur-Rehman, Advocate, Indo-Pak
  • Mazhar Hussain, Advocate Khanpur, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Nasib Khan, Barrister at Law, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Sardar Khan, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Amin Khan (Sialkoti), Advocate, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Nisar Ahmed Khan, Advocate, Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Advocate, Hoshiarpur, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Abudl-Hamid Khan, Barrister at Law, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ziaullah, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Maula Bakhsh, Attorney of the State, State of Patiala, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Ali Muhammad, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Muhammad Umar, Barrister at Law, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Umar Bakhsh, Advocate, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Imam-ud-din, Advocate, Plaidar Jamon, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Pir Bakhsh, Advocate, Peshawar, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Salah-ud-din, Advocate, Gujrat, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Meeran Bakhsh, Barrister at Law, Peshawar, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Khan Muhammad Rashid-ul-Haq, Barrister at Law, President Municipal Committee, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Wilayat Ahmed, Advocate, Batala, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Wazir Ahmed, Advocate, Batala, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Khurshid Ahmed, Barrister at Law, Ferozepur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Rahim Bakhsh, Advocate, Peshawar, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ghulam Dastagir, Advocate, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Sharif, Advocate, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Noor Ahmad, Advocate, Abbotabad, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Muhammad Younas Khan, Advocate, Peshawar, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, Advocate, Abbotabad, Indo-Pak

Police Officers

  • Sheikh Muhammad Hussain, Inspector Police, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Muhammad Qasim, Deputy Inspector, Jagadahry, Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Ghulam Kibriya, Deputy Inspector, Hansi, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ghulam Akbar Saheb, Deputy Inspector, Khudian, Indo-Pak
  • Sardard Ali, Deputy Inspector, Kasur, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Ghulam Mustapha, Inspector, Dharmkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Khan, Deputy Superintendent, Pathankot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Abd-ur-Rehman, Sub-Inspector, Kalabagh, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Bahadur Hafiz Zain-ul-Abidin, Superintendent, Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ashar Ali, Sub-Inspector, Ghoghair – Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Dildar Khan, Inspector, Patoki – Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Hussain, Sub-Inspector, Nur Shah – Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Abd-ul-Haq Khan, Sub-Inspector, Jhang, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Ghulam Qadir, Sub-Inspector, Jigrawan, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Barkat Ali, Sub-Inspector, Shuja Abad, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Gohar Ahmed, Sub-Inspector, Gardpur (Nainital), Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Wilayat Ali, Sub-Inspector, Rohtak, Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Zain-ul-Abidin, Court Inspector, Peshawar, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Sheikh Murid Ghaus, Court Inspector, Peshawar, Kanpur, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Malik Fazal-ud-Din, Deputy Inspector, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Pir Bakhsh, Deputy Inspector, Hoshiarpur, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Sheikh Hussain Bakhsh, Deputy Inspector, Chunian, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Malik Ubaidullah Khan, Deputy Inspector, Phalora – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Abdullah Khan, Sub-Inspector, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Zulqarnain, Sub-Inspector, Narowal, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Muhammad Hussain, District Inspector, State of Bahawalpur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ghulam Muhammad Sub-Inspector, Churhkana, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ali Akbar Khan, Inspector, Quetta, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Shafi, Sub-Inspector, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak

Military / Army Officers

  • Khan Bahadur Malik Umar-ud-Din, Subedar Major, Bhailo Wal – Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Fatah-ud-Din, Subedar, Larhi – Jehlum, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Ghasetay Khan, Platoon Guide, Hoti Mardan, from Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Wali Muhammad Khan, Subedar, Regiment Number 104, Bombay, from Bhailo Wal, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Ali Khan, Subedar, Military Police, Brehma, from Bodsir, State of Kapurthala, Indo-Pak
  • Muhamad Bakhsh, Platoon Number 7, Lakhnow, from Rangpur, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Mohkam-ud-Din, Subedar, Rangpura, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sarfaraz Khan, Subedar, Rangpura, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Rukun-ud-Din, Subedar, Aimanabad, Gujranwala, Indo-Pak
  • Kader Bakhsh, Risaldar, Rangpura, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Kaloo Khan, Risaldar, Aimanabad, Gujranwala, Indo-Pak
  • Hussain Bakhsh, Jemadar (An Officer Rank in the British Indian Army), Platoon Number 25, Bhail Chak, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Sindhay Khan, Jemadar, Risala Number 9 – Hudson Horse, Fatupurah, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Charagh Ali Khan, Jemadar, Risal Number 9 – Hudson Horse, Fatupurah, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Hakem-ud-Din, Jemadar, from Nowshehra – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Khuda Yar Khan, Jemadar, from Nowshehra – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Wali Muhammad Khan, Jemadar, Military Police, Brehma, from Bazidchak, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Sazawar Khan, Jemadar, Lasmin Karal, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Charagh Ali, Adjutant Jemadar, Batala, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Pir Bakhsh, Adjutant Jemadar, Platoon Number 6, from Rangpura – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Bootay Khan, Jemadar, Paltoon Sun-flower (Suraj Mukhi), from Rangpura – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Rukun-ud-Din, Jemadar, Regiment Number 9, Bombay, from Aimanabad, Indo-Pak
  • Imam-ud-Din Khan, Jemadar, Multan, Indo-Pak

(Source: “Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” (a.k.a. “Hidayat Afghani – Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani”)


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