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Book: “Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” (a.k.a. “Hidayat Afghani – Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani”) (Originally Published May, 1933)
(You can read some of the excerpts from this book here and here.)
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:: Excerpts ::

Book: “Tazkara”
(You can download the complete book from here.)
Author: Khan Roshan Khan
Pertinent Pages: 176 thru 181

Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 3Read Page 180-181 in Urdu Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 2Read Page 178-179 in Urdu Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 1Read Page 176-177 in Urdu


“A Dictionary of the Pathan Tribes of the North West Frontier of India” published by The General Staff Army Headquarter, Calcutta, India – (Originally Published 1910)
(You can download the complete book from here
or excerpts from here.)

:: Kakazai / Kakayzai Pathan Tribe is mentioned on Page 22 (under ‘K’ – Kakazai), Page 12 (under ‘D’ – Daulat Khel – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans), Page 26 (under ‘K’ – Khulozai – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans), Page 29 (under ‘M’ – Maghdud Khel, Mahmud Khel and Mahsud Khel – Sub-divisions of Kakazai Pathans), Page 47 (under ‘U’ – Umar Khel – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans) and Page 50 (under ‘Y’ – Yusaf Khel – A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans) ::

Kakazai Pathans - Page 22 from Page 22Daulat Khel - A sub-division of Kakazai Pathans - Page 12 from Page 12Maghdud Khel, Mahmud Khel and Mahsud Khel - Sub-divisions of Kakazai Pathans - Page 29 from Page 29Mamunds - (Clan of Tarkani / Tarklanri Tribe) - Kakazai Pathans - Page 30 from Page 30Tarkani / Tarklanri Tribe - Kakazai Pathans - Page 46 from Page 46


“Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India – Volume One published by Government Mono Type Press, Simla, India.
(You can download the complete book from here or excerpts from here.)

:: Kakazai / Kakayzai Pathan Tribe is mentioned on Page 555 ::

Page 555 from Read Page 555 from “Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India” – Published 1907 :: Courtesy: The British Library ::


Eleven 300-400 years old documents stating Kakazai as an ethnicity – Page 107-121 from “Tareekh-e-Kakazai” (a.k.a. “Hidayat Afghani – Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” – Originally Published in 1933)


:: Dara Kakazai (Valley of Watlai), Federally Administered Tribal Area in NWFP province, Pakistan ::


Family Tree of Qais Abdul Rashid :: Spelled as Kaka Zai under the offsprings of Kharashboon (Khair ud Din) ::


:: Some Famous Kakazai Personalities ::

Presidents / Prime Ministers

  • Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Prime Minister, State of Ram Pur, Indo-Pak, 1901
  • Ghulam Mohammed, Governor General of Pakistan, 1951 – 1955

Judicial Officers / Judges

  • Ghulam Nabi Jalalabadi, Sub-Judge, Sialkot, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Faqir Ali, District Judge, Rohtak, Indo-Pak, 1901
  • Karim Bakhsh, Sub-Judge, Atari, Indo-Pak, 1906
  • Ali Muhammad, Senior Sub-Judge, Ferozepur, Indo-Pak, 1932
  • Ali Muhammad, Distrit Judge, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Munir, Chief Justice of Pakistan, 1954 – 1960
  • Ghayas Mohammad, Attorney General of Pakistan
  • Khurshid Ahmed, Minster of Law, Pakistan
  • Saad Saud Jaan, Judge, Supreme Court, Pakistan
  • Khalil-ur-Rahman, Judge, Lahore High Court, Pakistan
  • Mahboob Ahmad, Judge, Lahore High Court, Pakistan
  • Munir A. Sheikh, Judge, Lahore High Court, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Irshad Hassan, Judge, High Court, Pakistan
  • Aamir Raza Khan, Judge, High Court, Pakistan
  • Maqbool Ahmad, Session Judge, Pakistan
  • Malik Haji Allah Rakha, Honorary Magistrate, Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Malik Rahmatullah, Honorary Magistrate, Lahore, Pakistan

Attorneys / Advocates

  • Malik Barkat Ali, Advocate, High Court, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Niaz Muhammad Khan, Advocate, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Abul-Rahim, Advocate, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Bahadur Malik Hussain Khan, Advocate, High Court, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Jalal-ud-din Khan, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Abd-ur-Rehman, Advocate, Indo-Pak
  • Mazhar Hussain, Advocate Khanpur, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Nasib Khan, Barrister at Law, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Sardar Khan, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Amin Khan (Sialkoti), Advocate, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Nisar Ahmed Khan, Advocate, Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Advocate, Hoshiarpur, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Abudl-Hamid Khan, Barrister at Law, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ziaullah, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Maula Bakhsh, Attorney of the State, State of Patiala, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Ali Muhammad, Advocate, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Muhammad Umar, Barrister at Law, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Umar Bakhsh, Advocate, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Imam-ud-din, Advocate, Plaidar Jamon, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Pir Bakhsh, Advocate, Peshawar, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Salah-ud-din, Advocate, Gujrat, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Meeran Bakhsh, Barrister at Law, Peshawar, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Khan Muhammad Rashid-ul-Haq, Barrister at Law, President Municipal Committee, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Wilayat Ahmed, Advocate, Batala, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Wazir Ahmed, Advocate, Batala, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Khurshid Ahmed, Barrister at Law, Ferozepur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Rahim Bakhsh, Advocate, Peshawar, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ghulam Dastagir, Advocate, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Sharif, Advocate, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Noor Ahmad, Advocate, Abbotabad, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Muhammad Younas Khan, Advocate, Peshawar, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, Advocate, Abbotabad, Indo-Pak

Police Officers

  • Sheikh Muhammad Hussain, Inspector Police, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Muhammad Qasim, Deputy Inspector, Jagadahry, Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Ghulam Kibriya, Deputy Inspector, Hansi, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ghulam Akbar Saheb, Deputy Inspector, Khudian, Indo-Pak
  • Sardard Ali, Deputy Inspector, Kasur, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Ghulam Mustapha, Inspector, Dharmkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Khan, Deputy Superintendent, Pathankot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Abd-ur-Rehman, Sub-Inspector, Kalabagh, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Bahadur Hafiz Zain-ul-Abidin, Superintendent, Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ashar Ali, Sub-Inspector, Ghoghair – Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Khan Dildar Khan, Inspector, Patoki – Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Hussain, Sub-Inspector, Nur Shah – Montgomery, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Abd-ul-Haq Khan, Sub-Inspector, Jhang, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Ghulam Qadir, Sub-Inspector, Jigrawan, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Barkat Ali, Sub-Inspector, Shuja Abad, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Gohar Ahmed, Sub-Inspector, Gardpur (Nainital), Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Wilayat Ali, Sub-Inspector, Rohtak, Indo-Pak
  • Hafiz Zain-ul-Abidin, Court Inspector, Peshawar, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Sheikh Murid Ghaus, Court Inspector, Peshawar, Kanpur, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Malik Fazal-ud-Din, Deputy Inspector, Lahore, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Pir Bakhsh, Deputy Inspector, Hoshiarpur, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Sheikh Hussain Bakhsh, Deputy Inspector, Chunian, Indo-Pak, 1900
  • Malik Ubaidullah Khan, Deputy Inspector, Phalora – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Abdullah Khan, Sub-Inspector, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Zulqarnain, Sub-Inspector, Narowal, Indo-Pak
  • Sheikh Muhammad Hussain, District Inspector, State of Bahawalpur, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ghulam Muhammad Sub-Inspector, Churhkana, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Ali Akbar Khan, Inspector, Quetta, Indo-Pak
  • Malik Muhammad Shafi, Sub-Inspector, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak

Military / Army Officers

  • Khan Bahadur Malik Umar-ud-Din, Subedar Major, Bhailo Wal – Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Fatah-ud-Din, Subedar, Larhi – Jehlum, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Ghasetay Khan, Platoon Guide, Hoti Mardan, from Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Wali Muhammad Khan, Subedar, Regiment Number 104, Bombay, from Bhailo Wal, Amritsar, Indo-Pak
  • Muhammad Ali Khan, Subedar, Military Police, Brehma, from Bodsir, State of Kapurthala, Indo-Pak
  • Muhamad Bakhsh, Platoon Number 7, Lakhnow, from Rangpur, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Mohkam-ud-Din, Subedar, Rangpura, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Sarfaraz Khan, Subedar, Rangpura, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Rukun-ud-Din, Subedar, Aimanabad, Gujranwala, Indo-Pak
  • Kader Bakhsh, Risaldar, Rangpura, Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Kaloo Khan, Risaldar, Aimanabad, Gujranwala, Indo-Pak
  • Hussain Bakhsh, Jemadar (An Officer Rank in the British Indian Army), Platoon Number 25, Bhail Chak, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Sindhay Khan, Jemadar, Risala Number 9 – Hudson Horse, Fatupurah, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Charagh Ali Khan, Jemadar, Risal Number 9 – Hudson Horse, Fatupurah, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Hakem-ud-Din, Jemadar, from Nowshehra – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Khuda Yar Khan, Jemadar, from Nowshehra – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Wali Muhammad Khan, Jemadar, Military Police, Brehma, from Bazidchak, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Sazawar Khan, Jemadar, Lasmin Karal, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Charagh Ali, Adjutant Jemadar, Batala, Gurdaspur, Indo-Pak
  • Pir Bakhsh, Adjutant Jemadar, Platoon Number 6, from Rangpura – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Bootay Khan, Jemadar, Paltoon Sun-flower (Suraj Mukhi), from Rangpura – Sialkot, Indo-Pak
  • Rukun-ud-Din, Jemadar, Regiment Number 9, Bombay, from Aimanabad, Indo-Pak
  • Imam-ud-Din Khan, Jemadar, Multan, Indo-Pak

(Source: “Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani” (a.k.a. “Hidayat Afghani – Tareekh-e-Kakazai Tarkani”)


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