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Kakazai / کَاکا زَئی / کَکے زَئی (a.k.a. Loye or Loi Mamund | لو ئے مَاموند) :: Pashtuns ::

The word “Kaka” or “Kakay” denotes a contemporary male name in Pashto (It also means Paternal Uncle in Pashto) and “Zai” means “descendants/offspring/children of”[2] in Pashto. So, “Kakazai” literally translates into English as “descendants/offspring/children of Kaka,” a root which is also used in other Pashtun tribes such as Yousafzai.

The Kakazai (Pashto: کَکا زی / کَکے زی, Urdu, Persian: کَکا زَئی / کَکے زَئی), also known as Loye Mamund (Urdu: لو ئے مَاموند), are an Afghan/Pashtun (پشتون / پختون)  Tribe [3][4] which hailed from Laghman (لغمان), Afghanistan.[5] They came to subcontinent (today’s Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) with the Afghan invading armies like Mahmud Ghaznavi[6][7][8] and later on settled in various parts of subcontinent.

Famous Afghan/Pathan historian Khan Roshan Khan has provided some background of Kakazai Pashtuns in his famous book “Tazkara.” (Pages 176 – 181)

Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 3Read Page 180-181 in Urdu Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 2Read Page 178-179 in Urdu Kakazai Pathans in 'Tazkara' by Khan Roshan Khan - 1Read Page 176-177 in Urdu

During independence of subcontinent, Kakazai tribesmen from Gurdaspur, East Punjab (settled in twelve villages, Babal Chak, Faizullah Chak, Sut Kohiah/Satkoha, Wazir Chak .etc near Dahriwal,[9] who used to cultivate land, but also considerable number of their young men fought in two world wars) fought bravely to aggressors. Though, initially, they were informed that their area is going to be in Pakistan making them quite relaxed, but in August 1947, they learned that their area would be a part of India.[10] They were caught unprepared and had to face one of the biggest tragedies of the history.[11]

Today, the majority of the Kakazai reside in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Marawara, Barkanai and Shortan areas of Kunar and some areas of Laghman), in the areas of Dara Kakazai (Valley of Watlai), Bajaur Agency (Lagharai, Kalozai, Kaga, Mukha, Maina and Ghakhi areas of Tehsil Mamund), Lahore, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Sialkot, Dera Ghazi Khan, Quetta, Karachi, Kashmir, Jehlum, Bhalwal, Sargodha, Chakwal, Isa Khel, Musa Khel, and Killi Kakazai (Pishin, Baluchistan). Consequently, their spoken languages include but not limited to Pashto, Dari, Punjabi, Saraiki, Balochi .etc.

Other combination of spellings include:

  • Kakezai
  • Kakayzai
  • Kakazai
  • Kakay Zai
  • Kaka Zai

Sub-divisions of Kakazai Pashtun Tribe

  • Daulat Khel
  • Khulozai
  • Maghdud Khel
  • Mahmud Khel
  • Mahsud Khel
  • Umar Khel
  • Yusaf Khel


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